Queridos Amigos, Clientes y Colaboradores:

Este último tiempo ha sido de reflexión Global, de incertidumbre.

Por nuestra parte , nuestro rubro nos muestra un incierto Futuro ,por lo que hemos decidido cerrar nuestras puertas indefinidamente en la calle La Concepción. Sin embargo, estamos evaluando abrir más adelante en otro lugar, y reinventarnos como lo hicimos antes.

Agradecemos infinitamente a nuestro valioso Equipo humano, a todos ustedes

incondicionalmente por su cariño y fieles comensales de nuestra mesa. Y a todos nuestros proveedores que nos entregaron siempre la mejor calidad, en sus productos.

Juntos hemos creado "La Historia de Coco" y como toda buena historia quedará en nuestras memorias por siempre!

Gracias, gracias, gracias!
Esperamos verlos en un Futuro cercano.
Con cariño Coco Pacheco y Familia.

Dear friends, costumers and collaborators:

The last few month have been of a global reflection,of uncertainty.

On our part, our business show us an uncertain future, so we have decided to close our doors for good in our location in La Concepcion. However we are evaluating reopening in a close future in another place. Reinvent ourselves like we did before.

We are deeply grateful to our valuable staff and to all of you for your unconditional support and love over the years.

Grateful To all our suppliers that always gave us the best quality and service.

We, all together wrote “Coco’s History” and like in any good story it will stay in our memories for ever.

We hope to see you in a near future!
With love and respect,
Coco Pacheco and Family!

People and History

Two lives and a rebirth

Our story starts more tan three decades ago, when Jorge ‘Coco’ Pacheco opened his first restaurant in 1973, which came to be an obligatory stop for distinguished national and international personages and for foreigners from all parts of the world.
The essence, what gives life to this restaurant, if the Pacheco Baquedano family, tenacious seekers after treasures and in love with Chile and its riches. Coco, the founder and father, is passionate about the tastes of our seas; Cristina, la matriarch, is a tireless companion on this adventure; Francisca and Paz, the daughters, who have made an innovative and fresh mark on the restaurant’s spirit.
“A fire, dad, is not going to beat you”, said Francisca that July 2nd of 2008, when the flames ended part of the story. Everything was destroyed, but the spirit remained intact, even more tenacious.
Modernity marks the rebirth of AquíEstá Coco, reopened in 2010 as the first sustainable restaurant in Chile, a pioneer in its field,  born from and environmental sensibility, from the veneration of our native peoples y, certainly, from the everyday tribute to the roots of Chilean cooking.

Sustainable restaurant

The earth gives us its abundant treasures. We return this love by making our footprint efficient and protecting its riches.

The earth gives us its abundant treasures. We return this love by making our footprint efficient and protecting its riches.

Forty percent of the materials used for the reconstruction where recycled, form the floor that was salvaged from andold gymnasium in Osorno, to the stairs that lead to the second floor that come from a bank La Unión, everything has a history that is reinvented.
Details like the placemats made out of salmon skin that eliminate the need for tablecloths and thus reduce the energy consumption and its effects on the Earth.
The wood comes from renewable forests, and the inside spaces meet acoustic, light and temperature standards based on international parameters that seek to ensure human well being with a minimal energy expenditure.
The sustainability of vulnerable economies, such as that of small scale farmers in la Araucanía, is reflected in the constant display of the quality of their products in our cooking.


Jorge “Coco" Pacheco”
Cristina Baquedano
Francisca Pacheco Baquedano
Paz Pacheco Baquedano


la Concepcion 236,Providencia, Santiago

call (56-2) 2410 6200


We have private parking available with a capacity for 30 cars. It’s a free service that requires the vehicle’s keys. There is also public parking available near the restaurant.


We have Wi-Fi throughout the restaurant. In some rooms there are multimedia projectors and screens for business presentations.


We have elevators and handicapped access.


Our staff is bilingual and highly qualified to guide our English-speaking customers.