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Two lives and a rebirth

Our story starts more tan three decades ago, when Jorge ‘Coco’ Pacheco opened his first restaurant in 1973, which came to be an obligatory stop for distinguished national and international personages and for foreigners from all parts of the world.
The essence, what gives life to this restaurant, if the Pacheco Baquedano family, tenacious seekers after treasures and in love with Chile and its riches. Coco, the founder and father, is passionate about the tastes of our seas; Cristina, la matriarch, is a tireless companion on this adventure; Francisca and Paz, the daughters, who have made an innovative and fresh mark on the restaurant’s spirit.
“A fire, dad, is not going to beat you”, said Francisca that July 2nd of 2008, when the flames ended part of the story. Everything was destroyed, but the spirit remained intact, even more tenacious.
Modernity marks the rebirth of AquíEstá Coco, reopened in 2010 as the first sustainable restaurant in Chile, a pioneer in its field,  born from and environmental sensibility, from the veneration of our native peoples y, certainly, from the everyday tribute to the roots of Chilean cooking.