la concepción 236 providencia santiago chile

Sustainable restaurant

The earth gives us its abundant treasures. We return this love by making our footprint efficient and protecting its riches.

Forty percent of the materials used for the reconstruction where recycled, form the floor that was salvaged from andold gymnasium in Osorno, to the stairs that lead to the second floor that come from a bank La Unión, everything has a history that is reinvented.
Details like the placemats made out of salmon skin that eliminate the need for tablecloths and thus reduce the energy consumption and its effects on the Earth.
The wood comes from renewable forests, and the inside spaces meet acoustic, light and temperature standards based on international parameters that seek to ensure human well being with a minimal energy expenditure.
The sustainability of vulnerable economies, such as that of small scale farmers in la Araucanía, is reflected in the constant display of the quality of their products in our cooking.